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The Enterprise Investment Scheme Company Limited otherwise known as The EIS Company or eisco as the full name is rather unwieldy for everyday wear and tear - is a specialist in the Government initiative to encourage private funding into entrepreneurial and growing British Companies - the Enterprise Investment Scheme - EIS. The principals have over 20 years of advising and working with developing companies in many capacities and, in particular, have unparalleled expertise in the EIS itself. Susan Phillips has spent many hours working with experts, HMRC, HM Treasury and the FCA as well as other trade bodies such as the BVCA in order to promote, improve, simplify and enhance the Scheme in her former capacity as Director General of the EIS Association. For further details, please see Our People and EIS Association.

The aim of the EIS and its new sibling, the Seed EIS, is to provide very attractive tax benefits to private investors to encourage much needed investment into new ventures and growth opportunities. As well as mitigating downside in these higher risk companies, the tax breaks are designed to enhance returns enabling investors to shelter potentially considerable equity assets, which would otherwise attract a number of personal taxes.
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